Why Join a Chapter

Meetings are free!

There is no cost to join your first meeting or any meeting. We don't have some hidden agenda. We are a nonprofit. We aren't a religious organization. We aren't a political one either. We are just people who are tired of seeing pain and suffering in the world, so we are going to do something about it.


Build Strength through Character

Do you strive to become a stronger person? Do you want to make a difference in the Cleveland community? Are you looking for an easier way to do both? Because I said I would Cleveland may be your answer.


We provide a simple, but meaningful way to make an impact. Making a difference doesn't need to be an endless internet search for volunteer opportunities. Growing as an individual shouldn't come as some costly or cheesy motivational seminar.

Get involved in your community

By joining the because I said I would Cleveland, you will be provided:

  • New community volunteer opportunities that are performed as a unified team (see examples)
  • Thought-provoking learning opportunities that help with self-improvement (see examples)
  • An accountability support group that helps coach you towards keeping your personal promises (e.g., losing weight, quitting smoking, learning a new language, etc.)
  • A team of like-minded people who care more about making a difference then our differences as people.

Upcoming Events

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Make a difference in your community!

because I said I would. Cleveland

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