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The Cleveland chapter of because I said I would makes and keeps unified promises to better its community, acts as an accountability support group for members’ personal promises and presents unique and thought-provoking content each month. There is a regularly scheduled meeting every month and other gatherings (e.g. a volunteer project). Read more about what chapters do below.


Accountability Support for Members

Most people have a promise they are working on fulfilling. Whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking, learning a second language or another personal commitment, these promises are important to the betterment of ourselves and often the world around us. Evidence in social science strongly suggests that accountability support from other people significantly increases goal attainment rates compared to planning independently and trying to motivate yourself. Because I said I would Cleveland make it easy to hold yourself accountable through the support of others.


Unified Charitable Promises in Local Communities

Watch the local news for 10 minutes and you will see pain and suffering. The world is in need. As local members of because I said I would Cleveland, we identify and assess needs in our community and make impactful promises as a team to meet those needs (e.g., clean up trash in the park, help a family in need, support the homeless, etc.). We are a task force for good. A lot of worthwhile humanitarian causes and projects unfortunately lack committed individuals behind them. Through our determination we come together to build happiness, establish peace and reduce suffering. Sometimes when we want to help others, we don’t know where to start. We make it easy and accessible to get involved in the Cleveland community to make a difference.


Thought-Provoking Content and Learning Topics

Time management. The science of motivation. How to say sorry. There are so many learning topics in self-improvement, social science, history and other areas that can help us grow into stronger citizens. However, seeking out and evaluating this content can be time consuming and challenging. Because I said I would Cleveland make it easy for our members to continuously learn by delivering new thought-provoking ideas, stories and research each month.


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